Energy Healing Is Suitable For All Ages, And Pets Too

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Energy healing is done to balance energy in your body or increase energy to support healing. This therapy is based on the same principles as acupuncture and qi gong in that your body has chi, or life force, flowing through it. If the energy is blocked, physical or emotional problems might develop. Energy healing could potentially help by dissolving blocks and improving the flow of energy in your body. Here are some types of energy treatments you might want to try.

Therapeutic Touch And Reiki

Therapeutic touch and reiki work on your energy body without actually touching your physical body. The practitioner usually keeps their hands just above your skin so no contact is made yet energy can be exchanged. Therapeutic touch is often done by nurses who have taken the training classes, although other medical professionals can take the training too.

Others, such as spiritual practitioners, can take therapeutic touch classes as well. With such a wide variety of practitioners, you can find one that makes you feel comfortable and who can help you meet your goals. Reiki is a similar type of energy healing where the practitioner passes or holds their hands over your body. Reiki practitioners have to undergo levels of training and learn symbols associated with the practice.

Energy healing is suitable for all ages and all medical and emotional conditions since it doesn't interfere with traditional medical treatments. Energy medicine is done to support traditional treatments in many cases rather than replace them.

Remote Energy Healing

Energy healing is often provided in a therapist's or practitioner's office, but some healers provide remote services. This is done with the power of intention and based on the belief that energy fields can be influenced no matter how far away they are. In the case of Reiki, the healer might focus on the distance symbol while balancing or sending energy.

Other types of healing that might be done remotely include prayer, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing. Anything that does not require physical touch from your healer might be done remotely when needed so you can stay connected to your source of support and healing if you go out of town or need to go to a hospital.

Energy Healing For Pets

This type of healing is also suitable for pets, and your pet may even benefit from remote healing so they don't have to be stressed by going to a clinic for treatment. There should be no bad side effects associated with energy healing, and only the potential for positive effects. You may want to add it to your pet's care routine if your pet deals with stress, trauma, anxiety, or a medical condition. 

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