3 Reasons To Choose An Online Double Conversion UPS System

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Access to a ready supply of power is critical when it comes to the success of any IT network. Interruptions in the power supply can spell disaster, so you must carefully consider the type of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system you will incorporate into your network design.

One type of UPS system that can offer significant performance benefits is the online double-conversion model. Learn more about this type of UPS system so that you will understand the ways an online double-conversion model can benefit your business over time.

1. Quality Electrical Signal

It's not enough to just provide power to your IT equipment. The power that is supplied must be high-quality in order to prevent possible damage to electrical components.

Online double-conversion UPS systems offer access to the highest quality electrical signal available. This is due to the fact that an online double-conversion system will actually regenerate sine waves instead of merely clipping the peaks and valleys.

The regeneration process creates a stable and efficient electrical signal that can be used to safely power even the most sensitive pieces of equipment.

2. Full Protection Against Power Problems

There are many different types of problems that can plague a power supply. Some of the most common problems that arise when supplying power to IT equipment include voltage sags, voltage spikes, waveform distortion, and subtle harmonics.

These power problems have the potential to interrupt your computer operations or contribute to data loss. An online double-conversion UPS system can provide full protection against power problems.

The power signal running through an online double-conversion UPS system is isolated from the main signal. This prevents any anomalies within the main signal from altering the clarity and quality of the signal being supplied to your IT system.

3. Continuous Electrical Signal

Power outages or glitches are always a threat. Most IT networks are safeguarded with a backup battery or generator that can supply power when the primary electrical feed is compromised. The type of UPS system you have in place can impact the efficiency of these backup power sources.

An online double-conversion UPS system will regenerate all sine waves as power is fed to your IT network. This regeneration prevents any disturbances that might occur when the transfer to a battery or a backup generator occurs.

Your online double-conversion UPS system will prevent any changes in voltage output and eliminate any delays in the transfer time between a primary electrical feed and a battery or generator feed.

For more information about different UPS systems, like a Vertiv UPS system, contact a local professional.

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