Critical Factors to Remember When Considering a Refrigerated Incubator

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A chilling incubator is a vital piece of equipment to have in your laboratory. However, you need to make sure that it will serve your purposes well and provide you with the convenience and functions that you need. As you shop for a new refrigerated incubator for your laboratory, you need to consider what criteria are most important to you. These factors are things you should consider.

Temperature Ranges

Depending on the primary function of your laboratory, you may need a chilling incubator that is capable of operating at a wide variety of temperatures. You may need it to reach sub-zero temperatures to keep tissue, soil and other biological samples frozen. However, you also may need it to warm to higher temperatures to keep a different set of samples at slightly chilled to tepid levels.

Some incubators operate between a range of temperatures. You must ensure that this temperature range is sufficient for experiments on and storage of biological specimens. 

Humidity Control

Another factor to keep in mind when shopping for a refrigerated incubator is whether or not you need it to have humidity control. Controlling the humidity can be important if you want samples to avoid growing mold. However, you may alternatively need higher humidity levels to keep skin, tissue, and blood samples moist. 

You could look for a chilling incubator that lets you control how much humidity exists inside of it. You can avoid ruining samples and compromising the outcome of important scientific experiments.

Storage Space

Finally, you need to look for a refrigerated incubator that has enough storage space in it. If you run a busy lab that receives dozens of different samples to test each day, you need to have access to dozens of racks or dozens of cubic feet of storage space in the incubator. You cannot leave some samples out to make room for others. All of the samples sent to you need to be kept at sufficient temperatures in a spacious incubator.

These factors are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you shop for a new refrigerated incubator for your laboratory. You may need a chilling incubator that can freeze samples at sub-zero temperatures. You also may need humidity control to maintain biological experiments. The incubator that you choose must offer enough space in which to store samples. 

To learn more about refrigerated incubators, visit a supplier near you. 

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