The Installation Of A Valve Manifold Box

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The series of valves that are connected to your water supply are essential for your lawn sprinkler system to operate efficiently. Some businesses or homeowners choose to have the valve setup encased inside of a box. The box will protect the valves from becoming dirty or disrupted. If you are having a new underground sprinkler system installed on your commercial property, the placement of the box and its surroundings should be taken into consideration.

How Does A Valve System Operate?

A valve manifold box is used in industrial or residential applications and is considered the central network that is responsible for transferring liquids or gases, from one main source. With a sprinkler setup, the valves will be connected to the water source and will disperse water through various pipe openings.

If one valve were to get blocked or if dirty buildup disrupted the flow of water, you may incur a loss of water pressure, a particular zone not receiving any water when the sprinkler is turned on, or a complete malfunction of the equipment, which will result in no water being released from any of the sprinkler heads.

Where Should The Manifold Box Be Installed?

Your new sprinkler system will likely contain a pre-assembled manifold, which will consist of two or three valve configurations and the capability to add onto the series of valves if you would like to expand the system and provide water to a larger portion of your property. A valve box should be easily accessible, but not installed in a high traffic area where it could become damaged or dirty.

Although the box cover will deter dirt and grass clippings from interfering with the valve openings, the placement of the box can further provide protection. With high winds or freezing temperatures, a cover that is left unshielded could be compromised.

Even if a box is installed near ground level, dirt and plants could hinder your ability to perform inspections or make repairs or upgrades to the manifold. Anchor the box along the side of your business or a utility shed. Choose a manifold box style that contains a locking cover, so that only you or your maintenance crew will be able to access the interior components.

Place a layer of pea gravel underneath the box. This will ensure that dirt does not enter the interior chamber, whenever you or an employee is inspecting, repairing, or upgrading a valve. Avoid planting near the location of the box, since large leafy plants or ones that contain thorns could impede your ability to access the box.

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