Green Packaging Trends For Natural Skincare Products

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The all natural skincare industry is one of the fastest growing segments of e-commerce. The increasingly eco-conscious consumer wants organic, biodegradable, and sustainable products. If the product arrives wrapped in non-recyclable plastic, though, you could lose your green consumer.

Alternatively, you can lower your carbon footprint and packaging costs with cardboard shipping tubes. Here are a few ways cardboard shipping tubes are leading green packaging trends.

Recyclable Shipping Tubes

As your customers educate themselves on sustainable packaging, more will likely refuse packaging that doesn't have the recyclable symbol. Paper and paperboard products have the highest recycling rate at 66 percent. This recycling statistic has led many consumers to believe their cardboard packaging is being recycled. Most corrugated boxes are recycled. The recycling rate for paper containers and paper packaging, however, is much lower at 15.3 percent.

Cardboard shipping tubes are an exception. The very composition of cardboard tubes is made of recyclable materials. Many cardboard packaging makers produce shipping tubes to recycle their cardboard waste and trimmings. This means you can easily source 100 percent recyclable tubes with no virgin content. Each ton of cardboard you divert from landfills saves 17 trees

Biodegradable Shipping Tubes

Many of your customers may buy your skincare products because they're biodegradable and organic. Using biodegradable packaging is another selling point. Fortunately, cardboard is naturally biodegradable. So if your cardboard shipping tubes do end up in the landfill, they will decompose within two months, as long as they do not use a non-biodegradable coating. Some laminates used on cardboard packaging are non-biodegradable and can render them non-recyclable. When choosing cardboard shipping tubes, ensure you can put the recycling symbol on them.

Custom Cardboard Shipping Tubes 

Container breakage and spillage are main causes of returned skincare products. Custom-fitted cardboard shipping tubes can reduce the risk of damaged products and packaging material. 

If your products are damaged during shipping, your environmental impact at least doubles. Your company must duplicate the product and repackage and send it, as well as recover the damaged product. Alternatively, the low cost of recycled cardboard makes it an affordable custom tube and filler solution for shipping your skincare products in a snug package. 

Eco-friendly packaging will positively promote your image as an all natural skincare product supplier. Green packaging is a marketing advantage. Recyclable and biodegradable labels placed on shipping tubes and packaging will help your customers dispose of the packaging in a sustainable manner.

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