Tips For Keeping Moisture Out Of Your Gun Safe

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Gun safes aren't all the same. While some do well with preventing moisture buildup, some others may need a little help. No matter what, you need to keep moisture out of your gun safe. Luckily, you have a lot of options when it comes to dealing with gun safe moisture.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe

You can keep moisture out of your safe in several ways. One very easy way to do it is to simply open the safe every few weeks to let it air out. You can do this as part of the routine maintenance of your safe that includes cleaning dust from the interior and lubricating the bolts.

You can also let the safe air out when you're cleaning your firearm. This method isn't ideal if you live in or store your safe in a high humidity area. Nevertheless, there are numerous other ways to dry out your gun safe and keep it that way.

Use a Desiccant

A desiccant is any substance that can attract and hold moisture. Silica gel desiccants can work well to absorb the moisture in your gun safe. Throw a few in there and swap them out every few weeks.

You can also find dedicated silica gel brands specifically for safes. You can often reuse these by drying them out in an oven to remove the moisture from them or sitting them under direct sunlight for a few hours.

Dry rice and baking soda can also work as desiccants. Still, purchasing a desiccant type specifically for safes will usually give you the best results.

Use a Safe Dehumidifier

A whole market of gun safe dehumidifiers exist. These devices can help to prevent moisture, remove moisture, or both. Some dehumidifiers will need access to a power source.

Many gun safes have a hole for running the cord through. If your safe doesn't have the pre-drilled hole, you may have to drill one yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Some safe dehumidifiers will allow you to charge the device, then place it into the safe without having it connected to a power source. You can also use these types of dehumidifiers in conjunction with desiccants.

The type of gun safe you own will also play a large role in its ability to keep moisture out. When looking at gun safes, always shop with a reputable dealer. Ask the dealer about which gun safes do best with keeping humidity from ruining your firearms and gun accessories.

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