Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Peoples' Choice Awards But Weren't Sure You Should Ask

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The Peoples' Choice Awards were once large crystal flames with engraved clapping hands. (The design was recently changed to something a little less like a flame, with many making fun of the new design.) If you have ever wondered if those trophies were really crystal instead of acrylic, that is understandable considering that fully leaded crystal of that size would not be naturally occurring at all, and glass would not be a wise choice. Furthermore, questions have been asked as far as the engraving process on the bases are concerned, given that if they were acrylic and not crystal, how could that be done? Well, here to resolve all of your controversial questions about an iconic award for actors and actresses is the information you always wanted but were never sure you should ask. 

Yes, You Can Engrave Acrylic

Custom engraved clear acrylic awards and pedestals are not that difficult to create. After all, it is plastic, and an engraving tool or needle can just as easily cut plastic as it can metal, glass, or crystal. The difference is in the caliber of the engraving tool used. You would need engraving needle heads that were a lot more durable for crystal plaques and trophies than you would for the other materials. Acrylic is actually the easiest of all materials to engrave with anything you want the acrylic trophy base or plaque to say. 

No, These Famous Awards Are Not Acrylic or Glass

Ask any actor or actress who has ever won one of these awards, and he or she will tell you that the award is far too heavy to be anything but crystal. If the awards were made from acrylic, you could hoist them up with one hand, no problem. If they were glass, everyone would be carrying their awards so gingerly so as to avoid dropping them. No, these famous awards are made of crystal, via a very special creative process that forms, molds, sands, buffs, and polishes the awards to perfection. 

Yes, Every One Has a Custom Engraving on the Base

If this actress wins for best supporting actress or that actor for male lead in a dramatic role, all of that specific information is carefully engraved in custom script on the bases of these awards. The sponsors of the show and the people who pay for the awards to be made hire a trophy company to make and individually engrave every last one. The winners do have the option of adding their names later on to the engraving.

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