3 Ways Color Grading Software Can Make Your Film Footage Pop

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If you want a film or piece of video footage to have the quality that you see on the big screen, color grading software is an absolute investment must. This software hands you over a plethora of tools that you can use to manipulate a piece of footage so it accurately reflects what you want it to instead of what you actually captured with the camera. Take a look at some of the ways color grading software can make your film footage come to life in a more realistic, professional way. 

Instantly make changes to what the environment should look like. 

You are shooting an outdoor portion of a film in the middle of autumn, but according to the storyline of the film, it should be dead in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, a few of those trees that can be spotted in the background of a shot are already turning amber and gold, which is not what they should look like in the summer. With color grading software, you can get to work with the coloring tools to make every tree green and bright like it would normally be at the time of the year that lines up with the rest of the story. 

Perfectly darken hues to make room for special visual effects. 

Visual effects are common in the modern film process. You may want to add some special effects to make a pothole look more like a deep hole into the unknown, for instance. If you are planning to add visual effects to a shot, it is important that you have software that can help you downplay the appearance of certain features. using the pothole example as a reference, you may need to darken the grey hues of the pothole to safely add layers of other items to generate the deep-hole imagery you really are trying to achieve. 

Creatively remove natural light that contaminated the scene. 

Natural lighting is good for some footage shots, but it is only good when it is technically welcomed into a space and natural. For example, a bit of light filtering through the slats of a blind on a window can actually be a distraction on the screen if the rest of the room is dark. With a good color grading software, you can use the integrated tools to remove light contaminations that all but ruin a perfectly good piece of footage.

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