4 Landscaping And Hardscaping Solutions To Protect Your Property From Rising Waters

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If you have a property in a low-lying area, the risk of floods causing damage could be a serious issue. There are things that can be done for landscaping and hardscaping to reduce problems with flooding and protect your property from serious damage. Some of the improvements that you may want to consider include installing dam easy barrier systems, retaining walls and landscaping drainage systems. Here are some of the landscaping and hardscaping solutions that you will want to consider protecting your property:

1. Installing Retaining Walls and Curbing as Barriers for Rising Waters

Retaining walls and hardscaping features are one of the first solutions that you will want to consider protecting your property from floods. The great thing about retaining walls is that they can be used to protect property and be faced or made of materials used on structures like homes and businesses. In addition, you may want to consider adding curbing, which can look great in landscaping and improve drainage of your property.

2. Landscaping Canals, Storm Drainage, and Dry Wells to Handle Excess Water

Storm drains, canals and landscaping drainage systems can help protect your property from rising storm waters. In addition to the drainage canals and pipes, you may also want to have a dry well or containment system installed. You may also want to install mechanical pump systems or attachments that will allow you to pump water out as the flood waters start to rise.

3. Installing Manufactured Flood Barrier Systems to Protect Against Flooding

Manufactured flood barrier systems are some of the best solutions to protect property from rising water. These are engineered systems that are designed to keep rising waters away from property and structures that are vulnerable to damage. Today, there are many different manufacturers of flood barrier systems, such as DamEasy, which has some of these easiest solutions to protect your property from rising flood waters.

4. Hiding Flood Barriers and Canals with Strategically Placed Plants in Landscaping

Another solution that you may want to consider for your flood barrier system is making them less unsightly. A great solution to make your landscaping flood barriers less noticeable is to use plants like shrubs, climbing vines and native plant life to hide them.

These are some tips to ensure rising flood waters do not cause damage to your property. If you want to prevent flood damage, contact a dam barrier service to help with installing barriers to keep flood waters away. 

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