Buying An Arcade Basketball Game? Have These Rules Ready For Your Kids

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When you buy an arcade basketball game for your family, you can expect it to be a prime attraction for your children in the weeks, months, and years ahead. While there are many different features that you should evaluate on different machines to ensure that you get the right one, you should also start thinking about some rules for the game that you'll introduce to your kids. You want them to have fun, and presenting some straightforward rules right off the bat will prevent issues that can lead to disagreements that dampen the fun of the game. Here are some rules that should be on your list.

Stay On Your Own Side

If you've decided to buy an arcade basketball machine that two players will use at the same time, you need to ensure that each player has ample room to retrieve the balls and shoot. These machines are wide enough to easily accommodate two players, but you don't want one of your children moving toward the other child and preventing him or her from having a natural shooting motion. The rule of staying on your own side is a good one and easy to enforce by placing a piece of tape on the floor.

No Knocking The Opponent's Balls

In arcade basketball, the objective is to score as many baskets as possible within a certain amount of time — and, ideally, end up with more baskets than your opponent. If a player is losing or perhaps even winning, he or she may seek to sabotage the opponent by throwing his or her ball at the opponent's ball as they sail through the air. This will lead to arguments that can affect the fun of the activity. Setting up the rule of not letting players knock away their opponents' ball will prevent such issues.

Respect The Buzzer

Arcade basketball games have timers and will often make a buzzing noise once the timer elapses. It's important for your children to respect the buzzer by not taking a shot after they hear the sound; even if a child has a ball in his or her hands, he or she should set it down. This rule will encourage fair play and prevent conflicts. For example, a child who shoots a ball after the final buzzer could do so to win the game, but the other player will contest the victory. This will lead to a conflict that may disrupt your children's enjoyment of their new arcade game.

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