A Few Options Things You Need To Know Before Placing An Order For Custom T-Shirts

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Having t-shirts made by a place like cache creatifs for a family or business event is a good way for people to remember it. However, to ensure you end up with t-shirts and a design that lasts, there are a few things you need to understand before calling and placing your order. This will also help when talking with the sales representative, so you are both on the same page with what you need and want.

Type of Shirts

While it is important to decide what type of sleeves and neckline you want on the shirts, there are other things that are just as important. Not all t-shirts are created equal. You will need to choose the fabric the shirts are made of and the weight of the fabric. Keep in mind who will be wearing them and the climate. You would not want to have heavy, poly-cotton shirts in the middle of a hot summer.

Shirt Color

While you may want a dark colored shirt because it represents something, it will be harder for the design to be seen unless you are planning on design colors that are very light. White shirts will allow the design to stand out but will also show dirt and stains easier. You may want to consider a cream, tan, or light shade in a neutral color.

Design Color

The more colors you have in the design, the more it will cost to produce it. While you don't have to limit yourself to one or two colors, it would be best to stay within the four basic printing colors of cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. This way you will not have to pay for any color blending.

Design Intricacy

If your design is going to be intricate, you need to be sure that when it goes to the customizing company they will be able to see it. While a design can be enlarged on the computer screen to see the fine details, doing so may cause some blurring. If necessary, have separate drawings of any detailed areas so they can be plainly seen.

Once you start negotiating with the sales person, ask about discounts for larger orders. You may find you can save some money by ordering extra shirts. In addition, you may want to contact a shirt supplier and order them yourself to save on the commission the printer may charge. Finally, do not forget to ask about turn-around time. You want to be sure you have the shirts at least one day before the event so everyone can wear one during the festivities.

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