Reasons For Opening Up Adults Only Areas In Your Private Members Club

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Country clubs and private clubs are typically family oriented. Most families enjoy going to their club to play golf, share meals, and general to unwind. When one or both parents is a busy executive, the club can be an especially important place for family time. Though families will want to have space in the club, it is imperative that there are some adults-only spaces reserved in your private club. There are three reasons to dedicate space to adults in your private club. 

Drinking becomes less of a hazard

Accidentally serving teenagers alcohol can become a serious liability issue for the club. Even if the child has a fake identification, the club can be found liable or find their liquor license at risk. An adults-only area is a perfect place to serve cocktails and liquor to club members. Whether you have an open bar in these areas or if the alcohol is paid, you can be sure that the members in the area will be capable of receiving alcohol legally and responsibly. Upon joining the club, ask for the names of all adults over the age of 21 in the family so that you know who should be allowed in each area. 

Childcare can be more compact

Childcare is a staple at many private clubs. This is typically in the form of children's play and rest areas with employees who watch children while at the clubs. Childcare should be available in the family areas and should be properly identified via instructions. This way parents know where they can be with their children and where they can leave their children when going to the adult areas. Many parents are willing to pay a premium for childcare services while they have fun, which can make your private club income more substantial through families. 

Those without children feel comfortable

There will be executives who join your club with families and those who have no interest in having children for themselves. Adults only club areas allow those who prefer the company of other adults to feel just as comfortable as families. Executives who attend the club alone in order to network, attend meetings or games will be able to do so unrestrictedly. Private club consulting firms will help you identify the needs of your childless members as well as those with families. Considering the needs of everyone who joints your roster will keep your club viable long term.  

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