Safety Never Goes On Strike: Protecting Your Company During A Labor Dispute

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Maintaining positive relationships with your employees is important to the ongoing success of your company. When labor relations break down, strikes can ensue. A strike can be a source of contention, but it can also serve as an outlet through which you can resolve important issues with your employees.

Emotions run high and safety is always a concern during a labor strike. The next time your company is faced with a strike situation, take action to keep replacement employees, executives, and company assets safe from harm.

Increase the visibility of security guards.

When employees go on strike, they may congregate outside of your office building to express their dissatisfaction with labor conditions. Crowds of striking employees can lead to volatile situations.

If you need to bring replacement employees in to complete vital tasks while labor disputes are being resolved, you don't want these replacement workers to be attacked by the employees who are on strike. Increase the visibility of your security force by hiring additional guards to escort temporary workers to and from your building while a strike is ongoing.

Retain personal bodyguards.

Disgruntled employees might blame you or other company executives for prolonged labor disputes. As you make your way to and from the office each day, you need to take extra precautions to ensure your personal safety.

Hiring bodyguards with the ability to recognize threats and neutralize potentially dangerous situations quickly will help to keep both you and your striking employees safe at all times.

Secure vital assets.

Mob mentality can make ordinarily mild-mannered employees engage in destructive behaviors. It's important that you protect vital company assets against tampering and potential theft by securing these assets as soon as a labor strike breaks out.

Move all portable assets indoors, take immediate action to secure digital information by changing login codes, and post security details near any assets that cannot be otherwise shielded against workers who are on strike. Protecting your assets ensures that you will be able to continue to engage in day-to-day operations as normal until you are able to resolve the issues between your labor force and your company.

Safety never goes on strike, and planning for increased security during labor disputes is the only way to protect your company and its assets against serious harm. Companies that specialize in providing strike security, like Modern Staffing & Security, will be able to work directly with your company to evaluate your specific security needs and implement a plan of action for providing maximum protection during times of unrest.

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