Buying A New Home? Make Sure You Get A Home Inspection First

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If you have found the perfect home for you and your family, you should make sure everything is perfect. This means things like the plumbing, electricity, etc. To do this, you can hire a home inspection company. They will send someone to the home to inspect it thoroughly. This way you will know what you are getting when you sign the dotted line. Below is some information about what the home inspection contractor will check so you can get moved into your new home.

What a Home Inspection Includes

A home inspection includes many things including:


The home inspection company will look at the foundation of the home to ensure there are no cracks. Some cracking is completely normal but there are some cracks that mean trouble. For example, horizontal cracks can mean big problems.  

Exterior Doors and Windows

The home inspector will then look at all the exterior doors to ensure they are in good condition. They will check the sealant around the doors, make sure they open and close properly, and more. They will also look at the windows to ensure the sealant around them is intact. The inspector will ask the real estate agent how old the windows are. Newer windows are much more energy efficient when compared to older windows. The window frame will be inspected closely for any damage.


The roof will then be checked for any kind of damage. The home inspection company may hire a roofing company to check the roof if they see any problems, such as cracked or missing shingles. If this is a problem, there could be water damage in the attic which could leave to damage to other areas of the home.


All plumbing will be checked. The inspector will flush all toilets and see how they flush. They will turn on all faucets to ensure there are no leaks. If they see something wrong, they will contact a plumber to determine how bad the problem is.

Electrical Wiring

Because electrical wiring can be dangerous, the home inspection company will likely hire an electrician to come to the home to check the wiring. The electrician will look at the circuit breakers and the wiring inside the breaker box. They have special tools they can use to check the voltage for each breaker to ensure it is correct.

The electrician will check all electrical plugs throughout the home. If there are electrical problems, it is important that they are repaired before you move in. This is because some electrical problems will lead to electrical fires.

Talk with a home inspection company and they can go over this information with you in much more detail. For more information, contact companies like White Glove Building Inspections, Inc.

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