Schedule Appointments, Order Supplies, And Complete Landscaping Projects In An Organized Manner

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If your landscaping business has expanded in the last few years and you now oversee a landscaping crew as well as office staff, you may be feeling overwhelmed with daily responsibilities and be concerned about projects being completed on time and in a satisfactory manner. The tips that follow may help when scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and office equipment, and completing landscaping projects. 

Provide Staff With Office Cubicles And Software

If all of your office workers are grouped together in one room, provide them with privacy and individual work areas by installing wall partitions in the room where everyone works. Place a desk, filing cabinet, and phone in each office cubicle. Invest in software that will allow your office workers to schedule jobs. After an appointment is made and the time, date, and type of project is documented, other staff members will see that a specific time slot is reserved so they won't be inclined to schedule another project at the same time.

At the end of the day, request that the office workers provide you with a list of all of the impending jobs, including the dates that jobs need to be completed and the amount of money that clients were quoted when they made the appointments. 

Monitor Inventory And Request That Supplies Are Ordered

Keep track of inventory that you have on hand and ask your employees to double check items at regular intervals to prevent any materials from running out. Sod, soil, seeds, gardening tools, and fertilizer are materials that should be fully stocked so that a large amount of projects can be completed. If an office worker notices that supplies are running low, they can place an order with a vendor so that materials arrive before a project is about to be started. 

Use A Dry Erase Board During Informal Meetings

Hang a dry erase board in your landscaping company's break room. When it is time for a new project to begin, write key details about the project across the dry erase board. Call your landscaping crew into the break room to hold an informal meeting. During the meeting, discuss the upcoming project and the tasks that you would like each crew member to be responsible for.

Make sure that each landscaper is confident about their job duties and allow each worker to voice concerns or ask about specific details associated with a project so that everyone is confident that they can complete the landscaping project properly. 

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