Reasons To Get Your Underground Parking Garage Pressure Washed

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If you're the administrator of a mall, office complex, or residential building that has underground parking, you want to ensure that this area is as bright and welcoming as possible. Underground parking garages have a tendency to be dark and dingy, which may lead some people to avoid them and others to complain to you about their condition. While there are many different ways that you can make this space more inviting, one is to thoroughly clean it by hiring a pressure washing service, like X-Stream Power Washing Plus LLC. Armed with pressure washers and scrubbing tools, one or more mobile units will arrive at your location and get to work in the parking garage. Here are some reasons to schedule this work.

Removal Of Underfoot Grime

The floor of an underground parking garage is often grimy. Vehicles that have small fluid leaks, for example, will drop oil, coolant, and other fluids onto the garage floor and stain it. Additionally, gusts of wind will commonly blow dirt and sand into the garage, and the garage's underground position means that these substances will be trapped in this location rather than blow away. Over time, the floor of the garage can get extremely dirty, which doesn't offer a pleasant environment for those who use it. By directing their spray at the floor, the pressure washing professionals can remove the grime and improve the floor's appearance.

Eradication Of Graffiti

Sometimes, vandals will target underground parking garages for graffiti. Even if security cameras are present, the dark nature of many garages means that it can be difficult to identify these vandals on the footage, making your garage a potentially desirable target for such individuals. Graffiti is a problem because it automatically makes the area appear unkempt and potentially even threatening. A pressure washing service can blast the paint away to restore the walls and pillars to their original appearance.

Cleaning Of The Ceilings

Overhead, the situation in underground parking garages can also be undesirable. Cobwebs, remnants of bird's nests, and debris left from other critters can dangle above peoples' heads and further detract from the appearance of the space. By aiming their pressure washers upward, the cleaning crew can remove this debris to clean and brighten the ceilings of your parking garages. When you're looking to hire a pressure washing service, look for one with experience in this environment and one that can show you images taken before and after it has worked in other underground parking garages.

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