3 Ways To Boost Revenue At Your Small Hotel

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As the owner of a small hotel, you have to compete with the big chains with huge marketing budgets, as well as individually owned vacation rentals which have become increasingly popular. Remaining competitive in this market means relying on your strengths and the small details that set you apart as a small hotel. Here are a few effective ways for small hotels to boost their bookings and overall revenue:

Outsource Your Marketing Management

It may seem counterintuitive that paying to outsource a service you usually handle in-house can improve profits, but this is often the case. Outsourcing your marketing management to a company or individual hotel marketing expert is possibly the best way to quickly see better results from your marketing efforts. Your outsourced marketing experts will manage your social media channels, website, and other marketing efforts including targeted blogs to boost your search engine results.

Their marketing efforts will be based on specialized expertise and therefore more effective than winging it on your own. More importantly, once you no longer have to worry about your online and print marketing presence, you can spend your time on other revenue-generating tasks, interacting with your guests, improving your hotel, and training your staff.

Showcase Your Local Expertise

One of the biggest perks of staying at a small, locally owned hotel is that you and your staff know the local area so well and can pass on insider information to your guests. Take advantage of this by working with local tour and excursion groups to offer organized tours for your guests. Form partnerships with local restaurants, who you can recommend in exchange for a small referral fee when reservations are booked through your front desk staff. Keep plenty of brochures and local coupons at the front desk.

Offer Better Customer Service Than the Competition

Another way you can stand out, get better reviews (which helps with booking), and more repeat business is to offer top-notch customer service. Spend more time carefully training your staff and aim to only hire people with great interpersonal skills in guest-facing roles. If a guest complains about a staff member's attitude, take the report seriously and make things right with the guest.

You may not have the budget or amenities of the bigger hotel chains, but you can provide a unique, relaxing, and charming experience for your guests they are sure to remember fondly. By following these tips you will likely soon see a positive impact on your revenue.

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