Gifts To Motivate Staff In The Morning: Three Fun Ideas

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One way to boost office morale is to surprise them with motivational gifts from time to time, and giving them gifts in the morning to help them through the workday ca be an excellent option. Here are a few morning pick-me-up ideas you can use to get your staff ready to face the day:

Tea Gift Baskets

Give your staff a way to make a fresh cup of tea every morning with tea gift baskets. Use this idea at the beginning of every month, and provide a generous supply of delicious tea to last several weeks. For a more customized option, have custom tea labels printed with each employee's name as well as the type of tea in each container. Add a beautiful teacup, sugar cubes, and a dainty spoon to complete this gift basket idea. Consider giving them a different teacup every month, and select a theme. For example, choose a red, white, and blue cup for July or a design with a pumpkin for November.

Muffin And Scone Deliveries

Muffins and scones can be perfect complements for the staff's monthly tea baskets. You can have these sweet treats delivered every day, or you can reserve them for Fridays to give your staff a treat at the end of each week. Place them in wicker baskets in a common area of the office, and set the table with napkins, plates, and forks so everyone can easily help themselves. Another option is to carry the basket from cubicle to cubicle, which gives you a chance to thank each employee personally for their hard work.

Scented Flameless Candles

Bring a bit of aromatherapy to your employee offices with scented flameless candles. These battery-operated candles provide a safe way to bring a soft glow to work spaces while also delivering a fresh, crisp scent. Choose one scent for the whole office to prevent competing aromas, and be sure to check with your staff first to ensure no one has a sensitivity to this type of gift. As with the cups in your custom-label tea baskets, consider using a theme every time you hand out this type of gift. For example, pumpkin or apple spice is perfect for the fall, while a light, floral scent might be just the thing for spring.

Don't be afraid to get creative with morning motivational gifts. With a bit of creativity and these ideas for inspiration, you can keep your staff excited about starting each workday in your office. Contact a company like The Tea Can Company for more information and assistance. 

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