3 Tips For Keeping Your Litigation Law Firm Organized

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All lawyers and law firms deal with a large amount of paperwork, but litigation firms tend to have even more documents to sort through than other types of law firms. In order to prepare for trials and depositions, you and your staff read through and submit countless pieces of correspondence, court pleadings, discovery documents, witness interviews, and more. In order to win your cases and remain compliant with regulations, you need meticulously organized files. Here are a few tips for doing just that at your litigation law firm:

Pay for Managed Printing Services

A strong working relationship with a local printing company can make organizing your litigation files much easier. The right printing company will provide fast turnaround times and special add-on services such as hole-punching and organizing your documents into labeled binders when needed. They will be reliable, accurate, and deliver all of your printed documents in the clearly labeled and well-organized boxes.

It is also a good idea to find a printing company that has experience working with law firms, to ensure they understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality.

Invest in Document Management Software

If your litigation staff is managing documents in a piecemeal manner, simply creating files and documents on their computers, chances are things are slipping through the cracks. Signing up for document management software will help you ensure your documents are organized by case, clearly labeled, and easy for anyone on your staff to find simply by logging into the document management system and running a quick search. 

Some document management software even allows you to create customized templates to further streamline your processes. Everything will be organized, easy to find, and consistent across your law firm.

Carefully Train Your Staff

Spending more time onboarding your legal assistants and paralegals in your document management processes pays off in a more organized law firm. Have a trusted paralegal or two who understand your document management inside and out create training documents and systems, including checklists.

Make sure that before a new employee is allowed to access or update important litigation documents that they have been thoroughly trained. Hiring support staff who already have litigation and document management experience will also reduce and prevent problems.  

By working with managed print and document management services, and thoroughly training your staff, you will be able to keep your litigation files as organized and easy to sort through as possible.

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